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I thought the eclipse was last night, so I was quite surprised when my uncle knocked on the door and called that the eclipse was going and asked me to bring my camera. It was already eclipsed, so I got some snaps of it from the eclipsed stage and coming out of it. The interesting thing about this is that hubby and I caught a lunar eclipse a couple of years ago – I think it was actually January of 2014 – and I got photos of it going into the eclipse but then my camera battery died (and our truck battery died, too! It was a fun night!) SO this completes my eclipse collection.

Anyway, here’s the 19 shots I got: (if you click the slideshow you can watch it un-eclipse!)

Though I wish I had a larger zoom lens, I am pretty happy with these, and still happy with my Nikon after all these years. The poor thing has been bumped, banged, dropped, knocked off of stuff – the standard lens that came with it sticks from my poor handling of it – and yet it keeps going.

I’m still chugging along at my writing. i got chapter one done and then realized I had not mentioned a key plot element at all, which really would be Katelina’s main concern, so some rewriting is in order. Oh well, it gives me a framework to work with.

Not much else, so I’m signing off. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

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