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Plugging along

The flu/bug/whatever is persistent. Still getting fevers, sore throats, and swollen tonsils. I may have to break down and go to the doctor. I hope not.
It’s cut down on my productivity though because it makes me tired. I have done my sentence a day – I’m on chapter two and would be farther except I was just too tired last night and tonight I watched The Revenge of Doctor X with the brother and father. I did do two sentences, something like “the furniture was thick with dust. The least they could have done was clean while they were on an assignment.” That’s close, anyway.
With nothing else to say here’s some photos from the weekend birthday party I went to for my cousin’s son Tim. He’s a good kid, and smart. I’m quite fond of him.

I’ve started Halloween decorating. I need to buy the stuff to make a new wreath (long story) and finish my pumpkins if it warms up enough to spray paint again.

And I leave you with the new faucet.


It was easier to just buy one then try to find the cartridges for the old one. Seriously. True value is switching their plumbing to Ace’s inventory all week and no one else local had it. Even Menard’s in Bellevue didn’t. That’s when I said “screw this!” We also got the garbage disposal ordered finally. Yay!
And now I leave you for bed. Have a good one!
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