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Spray Paint and Pumpkins

I know I mentioned somewhere that I was upset about the cold because I was in the middle of spray painting. Well, here’s the project.

It’s our bedroom dressers. I thought the paint had bubbled up, but, after I sanded it off and repainted, it turns out it’s just the wood texture coming through in spots, so not sure what to do about that because I really don’t want to sand it all off again… We’ll see I guess.
In other news I have pumpkins for the front porch.


Wrote some more today – not a lot but some – sorted boxes we brought up from Missouri, and started on some items for the craft show in November. I need to find out from Suzie again who to contact…
I’m tired, you’re tired, and tomorrow is the cavatini experiment so I will sign off now.
Have a good one!
Jo πŸ™‚

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