Rape Scenes and The Death of Literature

“…But those American college students and the other 30-something 40-somehing whiners are friggin’ adults and it makes me cringe to see them try to whine and bully their way into censoring literature, art and culture. They are behaving like overgrown 10 year olds. I guess the 21st century people have become fragile little flowers who whine trigger this trigger that like no tomorrow…”

This article is discussing rape in literature, but it’s getting to be the same for any “controversial” topic – abuse, violence… if you’re a person who thinks they may have “issues” with a book full of violence then instead of complaining and demanding that no one be allowed to read it, demand it be censored, or demand a trillion warning labels, do this cool thing called DON’T READ IT. Easy. I, like the blog author, am tired of whiny people wanting everything sterilized for them.

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Here goes another long rant post, written in the dead of the night.

I was reading this blog post about how people attacked R. Scott Bakker about the rape scenes in The Prince of Nothing. I guess those people would drop dead if they saw some of the rather gruesome pieces of Turkish literature. There was this novella I read in high school, many years ago, and that one packed more horrible, gruesome, gory rape scenes than the entire ASOIAF and The Prince of Nothing combined. A lesser known piece by a very famous, well respected author of the late 19th-early 20th century Ottoman-Turkish literature. I don’t want to repeat any details but if I say the necrophile rape was the tamest scene, it should give a pretty good idea what a shocking piece it is.

The story was first published in 1913 and it has been in short story and novella collections…

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2 responses to “Rape Scenes and The Death of Literature”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    Too right. It is as if these aspects of human behaviour do not exist or – a more liberal alternative – that if we pretend they do not exist, they will die out. They won’t. What is dying out is reading! It is even more amazing to think what is available on screen.

    The problem isn’t violence in print; it is its trivialisation on film. Even in the case of film,however, the same applies – if you think it is bad, don’t see it. IF YOU THINK IT IS MORALLY WRONG TO WATCH IT, PERSUADE YOUR FRIENDS. Banning it does no good at all.

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