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Book Advertising

I know, I know. Instead of worrying about advertisements I should be writing. And I will. But I need some quiet to concentrate and right now I don’t have that, so instead I’m working on some advertisements for the series – foremost for the first book which is free as an ebook everywhere.

There are a couple of different campaigns – first the “Vampires aren’t just for pre-teens”

Reading and relaxing

ltere frau schaut hinter einem buch hervor

And then I’m exploiting the Twilight angle again:



Though I want to be careful distancing too far from Twilight because plenty of people *like* Twilight – but at the same time I have had success over the years capturing the ant-twilight crowd (I have several reviews that start with “I didn’t like Twilight” – or something to that effect – scattered around.)

What am I going to do with these? Past posting them on Twitter and Facebook, I don’t know. Maybe once I get the basics laid out I’ll look into buying some ad space somewhere. I have to say that adding in my book cover is harder than I thought it would be. I’m also not sure about the “Free” tags as they seem to be throwing the balance off, so they may get moved around a bit more… hmmm…

Anyway, there’s the work in progress. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

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