Archive | December 18, 2015

Summer Roses

‘Tis the season for snow and penguins, but we don’t have any.  We have warm weather and, though there is no photo of it in this blog, I DO still have some baby roses. Yeah. In December. In Iowa. I feel ripped off.

But I got some more of those 2012 photos edited – specifically some roses.

I admit, they don’t put you in the mood for Christmas, but they are pretty. There are more in the Flickr folder, and thousands more photos in my Flickr account. Literally. More than 22,000. Yeah, about 900 of those are book covers, but you get the picture. The picture. Get it??

Ha ha!

Okay, okay. here’s hoping your days are more seasonally appropriate than mine.

Have a Christmas-y kind of day.

Jo 🙂

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