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Random Photos

I found some more rose photos from 2012, as well as a few clouds and some Japanese Beetles. I know, none of it is very Christmas-y, is it? I should post lights and trees and snowflakes; eggnog and cookies, but alas I don’t feel very Christmas-y, what with the weather and… and I don’t know. I don’t know when the last Christmas was that I *did* feel it. 1990 stands out as one of the most Christmas-y Christmases ever. I was in fifth grade and I remember we made construction paper socks to hang off our desks, and when we were good we’d get a piece of Christmas candy to put in it. We made the socks in art class (in a room in the basement) and somehow they got mixed up – or at least mine did – and I ended up with someone else’s. So I took it home and spent the evening decorating it up to my standards. I recall using a paper punch to make the holly berries and cutting out individual leaves for one side that the original owner had drizzled random glitter over. And the other side I drew Santa in front of a fireplace. It looked pretty good when I was finished. That was also the year I had a bad cough and my Dad, determined that if it tastes good it doesn’t work, bought me Luden’s honey lemon cough drops. I got slightly addicted to them and faked the cough for a week or more afterwards in order to keep getting the cough drops.

But as for why that year was extra-Christmas-y…I don’t know. The classroom was very decorated – there was tinsel on the windows and a tree – but then they did that in every classroom. And our house was always very decorated, so there was no change there. Regardless, that was the year where I felt the absolute most Christmas-y I have ever felt. It’s sad to peak when you’re ten.

Though I haven’t put photos here, I have made cookies this year, and we cut out snowflakes and hung them from the dining room ceiling, and we have a light up Santa and noel candles outside (with lights!) and of course there’s the tree we cut down ourselves, and we bought plenty of nice (though not super expensive) presents and we made Christmas cards and sent them out and we’ve even watched Rudolf, and National Lampoons, and several weird Christmas shows, including Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny (DON’T follow in our footsteps. It’s horrible.) but still I’m stuck in “bleh”.

Oh well, moving on to those random photos I mentioned.

I will say that on the cloud with the lightning I had to clone brush out several electrical lines and I then accidentally hit the flip button. The pic looked WAAAAAY cooler upside down, so upside down it remains. It’s my favorite of this bunch, with the red rose with the water dripping out of it a close second.

And since it is almost three a.m. I leave you now. Have a good one and I hope you feel more holiday cheer than I do!

Jo 🙂

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