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Nathaniel Green Again

Apparently in June of 2012 we LIVED at the Nathaniel Green Park. Okay, not really. What happened was I went once with my Aunt and Uncle, and then I later I took hubby. However I took photos of everything that didn’t move both times, so I probably have a shot of every species of flower between this album, this album and this album.

I know I should be editing, but I took some time the other evening and finished editing this folder, so I thought with the impending blizzard I’d share them. Yeah, supposedly there is bad weather coming either tonight or tomorrow night (depending on if you believe Weather Bug or though I place my official bet now that we won’t see very much snow. This is based on the my experience since we’ve moved here. Every storm system is predicted to dump twenty-feet – schools close. Businesses close. People barricade themselves in. A quarter of an inch later, they all look silly. But, who knows? Maybe mother nature will vindicate them this time.

Anyway, on to the pics.

And now I am craving Little Debbies for no reason, so I may see if the brother has any stashed away. Have a happy flower kinda day.

Jo 🙂

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