Penguin Polooza

Hubby and I have been together since 1998. That’s a lot of Valentines’ Days. In all those years we’ve done all the romantic/sexy/sweet/lovey-dovey things. This makes it challenging to come up with something to do (besides ignore the holiday, which we have also done).

But this year hubby came up with an awesome one: Penguin Polooza at the Kansas City Zoo. For less money than a motel room would have cost, we got to spend the night in the zoo’s penguin complex. Though the event is geared towards children, it was plenty interesting for adults (it has to be or else parents wouldn’t come!)  And since we were there with no children and as a Valentine’s thing, the awesome ladies let us sleep in a little area by ourselves, which had the most penguin activity so i literally got to lay awake and watch penguins swim past me.



Since we slept in the zoo, it meant we got to be locked into the zoo – so we got to drive through the zoo!


Anyway, I thought that was cool.


The penguin house at night

Aside from penguins, there was an animal encounter that involved a bunny, a rainbow boa, and hissing cockroaches, all of which we got to pet:

(Yeah, there’s no cockroach pic, though I *did* touch it)

We got a snack:


And then we got to go on a night hike around part of the zoo (it was so cold we didn’t go too far, mostly just to the tropics building, but we got to go back into staff areas, which was very cool, including the kitchens), and the kids played games, and then, did I mention there were penguins?

There are more penguin photos in the Flickr album for penguin enthusiasts.

The swimming penguins were taken while I was laying on my sleeping bag. I admit, I didn’t get much sleep between being cold (our fault because we didn’t think about the fact that the building would be cold – I know, I know) and watching penguins. But we still had to get up at 7 a.m.


Yes, that’s frost. It was very cold. We then had a tasty breakfast:


And it was time for penguin selfies:

Yes, that is my teddy bear. He goes overnight with me. It’s become a superstitious thing, but I don’t care because I’m cool like that.

After that we got to go to the zoo itself, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s blog.

In all, it was very fun, and very cool, and as I said, cheaper than a motel would have been – and motels do not have live penguins swimming past you all night, so…The staff who ran the event were awesome and a lot of fun, and the handful of kids (there were seriously only seven or so) were well behaved, their parents were nice, and the facilities are great. I have to recommend this as a nice overnight outing – whether you have kids or not. I don’t know when they’re doing it again, but it probably tells on their website. I do know they have camp outs in the summer in Africa, and they have a polar bear night as well. I’m sure those are just as fun.

And now I need sleep. I am sooooo tired!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Jo 🙂



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  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says :

    What an awesome idea!

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