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Pythian Castle – 2012

This is another of those photo events i finally got around to editing and uploading. In June 2012 mu Aunt and Uncle came for a visit and we checked out Pythian Castle in Springfield, Missouri. From what I remember, it was built as an orphanage and during WWII was a PoW camp, which is what gave it it’s haunted reputation.

They didn’t allow very many photos – okay, NO photos, except the outside and the entryway, and when we went most of the rooms weren’t done yet. It was fun, though a lot of the tour was about the current owners and their daughter (who worked for some hollywood thing – I forget what. Maybe she was a dancer?). the basement, however, was worth it, as it was plenty creepy, including the room “as seen on TV” that the Japanese PoW had painted (hopefully that’s still there), and a weird little closet that was just big enough to stand in where they would supposedly put people who caused trouble.

Anyway, on to the handful of photos.

I’m sure that by now they have a lot more of the place redone, for instance on the Private Rental page of the website there’s a photo of the tower room – when we were there it was all bare wood and a cat who was wandering around, so it’s probably a better value for the price of admission. Still it was enjoyable, and as I said, the basement was creepy. I don’t think I’d go down there after dark! And it looks like they have a whole bunch of event now besides just the day tours, so if you’re in the area you should check it out!

Have a castle kinda day!

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