Mixed Bag

I have nothing to say. Actually, that’s not true. I always have lots to say, but I don’t have anything worth sharing. I have lots of boring stuff to say about my book – I got the symbol designed and drawn for the top of the chapter pages, I re-did the synopsis, and I set up the pre-order at Amazon. I also have the book back from three of the six betas and need to go through and incorporate their (very good) suggestions, along with some things I have been discussing with Steve (like another action scene in the boring part) – but that’s boring to listen to.

I could rave about the band I am currently obsessed with – The Dreaming, if you want to know. It’s most of Stabbing Westward regurgitated into a band I think is better. Or maybe not. I admit, while I owned SWs albums back in the day, I didn’t listen to them a whole bunch. I guess they just didn’t catch me at the right moment. But anyway, The Dreaming has, and I’ve gone on to buy all three albums. I’ve got Etched in Blood on repeat right now. Bullet* is my current favorite, though it will change in a day or two. Maybe I need to backtrack and re-check out SW?

Other than that I have worked on some book covers and been editing a friend’s book. It’s taking me forever because I keep forgetting to edit and then have to backtrack and redo whole sections because I was busy reading it.

I could also talk about the Terrible Turtles comic, of which I posted a new page tonight wherein my twin sister is rescued and I’m blown up by the evil turtle overlord – but you can always just go check it out yourself.

I don’t know.ย I just feel randomly blehย for some reason. I was fine earlier and then…I think it’s that baby dolphin the tourists killed. I keep running into it on facebook and every time I do it upsets me more. The poor thing.ย It looks so upset in the photos and then… I hope they catch whoever did it and throw their asses in jail for a long time.


Anyway, here are the two covers I’ve finished recently:

And now I think I’ll take my bleh self and head to bed.

Have a “song driving you insane” kinda day (I am!)

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

*You know you wanna hear it:


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