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Share Your World – Week 8


Spring Bouquet and new table cloth in the kitchen

It’s time again for Cee’s Share Your World Challenge . It’s pretty straight forward; answer three questions and participate in a tiny challenge. Sounds like fun, so let’s go!

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Vacuuming. This is 50% of the reason we got rid of all of the carpet in our house. Oddly, I don;t mind sweeping, as I’ve gotten older I don;t mind dishes anymore. I used to hate those.

What was the last URL that you bookmarked?

Sports and Games in Elizabethan England. It’s in my “Handy Research Links” folder where I bookmark research for my books.

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?

My neck. I think I’m coming down with something (I feel fevery and achy all over) and so it’s hurting worse than usual. It thinks I should go to bed.

Would you rather have a two-bedroom apartment in a big city of your choosing or a mansion in the country side in the state or country where you currently live?

Mansion hands down. I need room for all the junk I’ve collected, and I like the countryside better than the city. (If you’d asked me a few years ago I’d have had a different answer. Moving here reminded me that I like rural life better.)

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for my awesome beta readers. Three (out of six) have the book back to me and the other three are nearly done already. Of those, one had eye surgery and is STILL working on it anyway.  I owe him a huge box of chocolates or something.  As for looking forward…um…I think we’re going to a friend’s house Wednesday. That will be fun.

And that’s it. Fun, huh?

Have a Sharing kind of day!

Jo 🙂

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