Blogophilia Week 2.9

It’s time again for Blogophilia! What is Blogophilia? It’s the fun blog group where Marvin gives participants prompts to use in their weekly posting. This week’s prompts are:


I admit I yo-yo on participation. I say it’s because I don’t have time, but I do. I could take ten minutes and throw a post up. The problem is I want to do something big, something clever – something time consuming.
It’s not just blogophilia. In everything I do I feel the need to go big or go home.
And it may be no big deal to you, but it’s a very big deal to me. Even though it shouldn’t be. Because that very need for big or clever sometimes causes problems. It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish and since I *know* it’s going to be time consuming, I never start. Which means it’s never finished.
I’d like to say that life in the bleak midwinter gives me more time, but it doesn’t. For one thing we didn’t get winter this year, and for another I’ve done the same thing I do every year – procrastinated. I knew writing this book works take a long time, so I put it off and now it’s crunch time, plus everything else I need to do. You’d think I’d learn. Maybe instead of trying not to procrastinate I should just quit trying to go big all the time. Food for thought.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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6 responses to “Blogophilia Week 2.9”

  1. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says :

    I certainly do relate. Well said.

  2. Marvin Martian says :

    I can totally relate to the procrastination scenario; I do it all the time! I am glad you did post a blog for us, We miss you!
    8 points Earthling! 🙂


  3. Tyler Myrth says :

    I have some of that procrastination disease, kinds fits of it then I over compensate and try to do too much

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