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Blogophilia Week 11.9 – Springfield Zoo

It’s time again for blogophilia, the fun blog group where Marvin gives us prompts for a weekly post. This week’s prompts are:
  • Blogophilia Week 11.9 Topic: Silence Is Golden
  • Bonus Points:
  • (Hard, 2 pts) Quote Johnny Depp
  • (Easy, 1 pt) Incorporate a Medical Device
Today you’re going to be treated to some more old photos! Yay! Be still your heart, right? No, seriously, do I need to get the paddles? No? Good.
As I mentioned, these photos are old – more from 2012 – and from the zoo in Springfield, Missouri. It’s a great little zoo, and interestingly enough on this trip I got great photos because hubby and I got locked in after hours. Now, the sticky part is we were not *supposed* to be there. Okay, we figured out it had closed, but we passed some employees and no one said anything, so like Johnny Depp suggests, – “enjoy the ride while you’re on it” – we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Silence really is golden, and you can get great shots when you don’t have to share. Eventually a security guard found us and demanded to know why we were there. Since it was cloudy we said we thought the crowd had thinned because of impending bad weather, and pointed out that we had passed employees. He sent us packing with a stern look, but no harm done all in all.
There are a bazillion more pictures (in fact part 2 and 3 are coming later) but you can see even more photos on my flickr account. 
Have a happy wolf kind of day!
Jo 🙂
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