Taming of Mordor

Since I have part three of the zoo scheduled for tonight (Saturday) I’ll set this to post Sunday.  Good times.
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about what we’re doing house wise because, to be honest, not much is happening. I won’t get into the frustration but I will say I finally managed to get the troops moving today and we did some yard work.
The brother planted the lilacs:



The little brick boxes will get mortar once we make sure the plants live.

Hubby and I worked on Mordor. (We call it this because after the brother and I cut back the bushes the first year we were here it looked like Mordor.


It’s now greened out so I guess Sauron was defeated and it’s coming back to life.)
Anyway, we worked on it – Okay, I worked on it and hubby held back the branches of the bushes now and then but it was helpful.




The last photo is a billion Jack in the Pulpits. They have really gone nuts this year.
You might notice we are trying mulch. I’ll say it takes a LOT more mulch than I anticipated. We need to get more to finish the bed and even consider starting the others. Four bags for this and those lilacs. Four bags!
Also, you might see that the bushes flowered this year!


The irises are also doing better than last year, though they still need moved.


As are the  bleeding hearts.


And remember the three dahlias we had last year? (You probably don’t, but that’s okay). Well… They spread.


If I leave them I think next year we’ll have a whole bed of them! Fun!
Also the pussy willows we planted last year survived the winter. Well, two did.



I’m trying to talk the bro into cool brick boxes for them too.
Anyway, that’s my adventures in lawn care. Still a lot to do but we’re started at least. Now to start painting the &%$# house…. First we need some cheap scaffolding…
Have a mulchy kind of day.
Jo 🙂


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