I’m embarrassed to say I did nothing today. Well, nothing useful. I mean I tidied, swept, cooked dinner (including a recipe for quick garlic cheese biscuits that was good but needed to bake longer), dealt with pets, and sort of handled Facebook, but other than that: nothing.
I did, however, play with my tablet a bit. I’m back to the paper doll blog for awhile, and I fixed an outfit, made and shared an outfit, and did an outfit to post tomorrow. There will be a new doll tomorrow but I really made her in January…
So, yeah. Kind of a failed day. I just have no energy, and haven’t had for a few days. I could literally stay in bed all day and sleep. Maybe I have something… There’s no fever but the fatigue and lack of energy is incredible. Hopefully I can push past it tomorrow.
In the meantime, here’s the biscuits I mentioned


-with some spaghetti. Funny story, so it’s dinner time. I’m full and have set my plate aside on the coffee table – I’m ashamed to admit we eat in the front room and watch TV because otherwise we fight – and as I lean back, one of the cats hops on my lap and, slick as you please, reaches out and snags a noodle with a single claw. She then snaps it up in her jaws and *slurps* the noodle down like Garfield. I didn’t even punish her because I was to busy staring. Damn cats!
And speaking of cats, here’s two of them, neither of which are the spaghetti slurper.


Have a more productive day than me!
Jo :/


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