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Un-Go is an anime that the brother and I finished tonight. I enjoyed it and wish there was more than twelve episodes and one OVA. The story is a young man who inadvertantly wakes a Shiki (demon type thing) that feeds on souls. After a lengthy and semi-confusing OVA that took me a couple of viewings since I was going in blind with no synopsis, the young man becomes a detective with the Shiki (named Inga) at his side. Inga has a very handy ability in that he/she can ask each person one question, and the person is compelled to answer truthfully. Far from being a fix all though, the detective usually has the case locked in before he lets Inga ask her question. Most of the episodes are individual cases, with the last three as a single case. After I got the feel for the mystery style, I did pretty good at guessing, but the first couple I was terrible at, Lol!
We’ve started Hozuki, which is a comedy about hell and is quite amusing.
And now I go to bed. Have a musical demon kind of day!
Jo 🙂

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