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It’s Turtle Thursday – well, Friday, I guess – meaning my big accomplishment for the day was to draw the newest page for the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy Web Comic, written by Jonathan Harvey and, obviously, doodled by me. Normally I draw them on graph paper, trace them in pen, scan them, and then color and do all the text work, etc. Tonight I did it all on the computer using my tablet. The page isn’t officially released until six a.m. but here it is early just for you.

Page Eight

Snazzy, huh? The other thing I have been doing is editing Ethne the paper doll’s files. I have decided to use a colored outline on her as opposed to the black I have been using, so I am color replacing the lines – luckily I have all the layer files so this is easy, just time consuming.

before and after


I think the color looks more professional.

What do you think?

Have a colored lines kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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