Blogophilia Week 16.9

It’s time again for Blogophilia, the fun blogging group where Marvin gives participants prompts to use in their weekly posts. This week’s prompts are:

  • Blogophilia Week 16.9 Topic: Resetting or Starting Over?
  • Bonus Points:
  • (Hard, 2 pts) Include a Raymond Chandler Novel
  • (Easy, 1 pt) Incorporate someone being saved
SoG - 500

In case you don’t know what book I mean…

Resetting or starting over – are they the same thing? How about redoing? recently I have started re-reading my own books in order to write the ninth one ( I want to make sure I wrap everything up in a neat tidy bow) and when I started book 1 the usual thing happened – I started rewriting it.

No, I didn’t change anything major; Jorick still had to save Katelina from Claudius, and the Executioners still attacked Oren’s house and so on, but I did rephrase stuff, and change what was said, and rewrite the descriptions, and on and on. I was halfway through with it, and feeling much better about the whole thing – after all, those changes should quiet the one or two naysayers who didn’t like it.
And then I got some fan mail. Yes, fan mail is always awesome, but this one mentioned how much they loved the first book and how they’d gone on to get the rest of the series based on it. Much like a scene from a book, my brain hit playback and ran through several similar messages, posts, reviews, mails, and comments, all from people who liked the book JUST THE WAY IT WAS. They didn’t think it needed changed, and truth be told they might be aggravated by a third edition with radical changes to it.
So I deleted 90% of the changes and finished reading the book – making only formatting or typo corrections. Though I did re-add a paragraph in the third chapter that was supposed to be there but had gotten deleted on accident during a re-format (probably in 2014 – I was quite surprised to find it missing), but other than that I pretty much left it alone. After all, the opinion of those few naysayers doesn’t really outweigh the voices of those who already like it the way it is, do they?
Now if I can only remember that as I read the rest of the series…
Have a fan mail kind of day!
Jo 🙂

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9 responses to “Blogophilia Week 16.9”

  1. Tyler Myrth says :

    I think there is almost nothing of mine I’ve gone back to after time passed and not wanted to change – just the way we are wired as writers

  2. Martien Ecrits says :

    Always best to ignore the naysayers. 8 points Earthling

  3. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says :

    I love it! You’re so very talented.

  4. Colleen Keller Breuning says :

    You’re one amazing writer. I don’t know how you keep all of your characters and story lines intact!! I’m afraid my inner editor would never stay quiet. 😀

  5. nissmech says :

    I always thought that changing something that had already been published was a big no no!

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