#SaturdayScribblers 4

Hello, hello! It’s Wednesday, and what better day to participate in Saturday Scribblers, a very cool blog challenge wherein Dean provides participants with a scribble they then turn into artwork. Confused? It’s easy! Here’s this week’s scribble:



And here is what I did with it:


Why a duck? Why not? I admit, I initially saw a chicken, but since I already get chicken jokes made at me, I didn’t see the need to fuel it. Why chicken jokes? Long story condensed, I was yelling at my brother one day and he said, “I see your lips moving but all I hear is ‘Bagock!’.” And ever since then he and hubby have called me a chicken – so much so that it has almost turned into a term of endearment (I’ve actually noticed that when they call me Chicken as opposed to my name, they’re nicer to me), but I refuse to embrace it. It’s a thing.

Anyway, go check out ScribblerSaturday, and since you have all week, why not join in?

Have a bread for ducks kind of day!

Jo 🙂


About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at http://JoleeneNaylor.com or drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com

3 responses to “#SaturdayScribblers 4”

  1. Green Embers says :

    Awesome! I want to give it some duck food! So cute! 🙂

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