#SaturdayScribblers 6

It’s Wednesday, which is the day I usually get around to doing this. What is this? Why, it’s Saturday Scribblers, the cool blog challenge where Dean Kealy gives participants a scribble to turn into a drawing. It’s pretty easy – and a lot of fun!Β 

Here is this week’s scribble:


of all the scribbles I’ve participated in, this was the easiest for me because I instantly saw…


And I’m even pretty happy with how he turned out. I’m getting better with the graphics tablet. This took me about twenty minutes to do, so yay for that!

I missed last week’s scribble – and most of last week – because – well, remember that weirdness I mentioned with my face being “chapped”? Turns out it wasn’t chapped. It was an odd rash that moved from my face to my neck and chest, and then down from there slowly and came with a fever, chills, nausea, and fatigue like you would not believe. I think I was maybe awake for six hours a day all weekend. Ugh! So I haven’t gotten much done on my mysterious package (I did copy the runes from the book but have not figured out what they mean, or even what mystery I am trying to solve, really. I thought it was pretty wrapped up from the narrative, so I feel I’m missing something big.) I’m also behind on my reading – I’m just over half done each with Paternus and Crusade Across Worlds and I have a huge pile of other books I need to read.

Anyway, I went to the doctor and they decided I am having an allergic reaction to something (don’t know what), so they gave me a steroid shot and put me on four days worth of Prednisone. The fevers are gone, and I can keep my eyes open, and the rash is fading from my neck, though it still itches like a b****. In fact I have to wear mittens (well, my shooter gloves) to keep myself from scratching.


the rash


life in mittens

Anyway, I’m hopeful this will heal up soon and I can get back to normal. I did book 2 of my series re-read. I did no editing, just corrected a handful of punctuation things (it was dashes that did not format right and a few straight quotes I turned into smart quotes). I hate to argue with my readers, but I have to disagree with anyone who says book 1 is better than book 2. Not even close! Book 2 was actually about a billion times better than I remember it being, and there were a few places where I sat back and said “Damn, that’s good sh**.” I really don’t have any idea why I am ashamed of that book (which I tend to be for some reason).So, that was a nice surprise, anyway. Onward to book 3, which is one of my favorites. Maybe I’ll find out that it’s not anymore. We shall see.

Anyway, there’s my scribble and an explanation for where I’ve been. Hope your last week was better than mine was.

Have a non-mitten wearing kind of day (unless you love where it’s winter right now, then you might want mittens)

Jo πŸ™‚

PS – check out the original Saturday Scribbler post and feel free to join in!



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2 responses to “#SaturdayScribblers 6”

  1. Dean says :

    This is so cool Joleene! I’m getting a real Sherlock vibe off it! I swear your drawings get better and better each week! πŸ˜€

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