Red Oak Fireworks

Last year we went to the amazing show at New Market, but because hubby has to work tomorrow we opted to skip it and just try Red Oak’s show this year.


I don’t want to insult them because I’m sure someone worked hard on it, but…well, underwhelming comes to mind. They shot off the fireworks. One. At. A. Time. Just like Shenandoah did when I was a kid (I was eighteen before I saw a fireworks show where they shot off more than one at a time). After Villisca’s really awesome show I was a bit…shocked. I really expected something like this one for Villisca and vice versa.

The pics didn’t come out very good, either, because it wasn’t qute dark enough when they started.

Now that isn’t to say there weren’t some good moments. They had a couple that did a very cool fade thing from one side of the burst to the other, and of course they were all pretty. Just…yeah.

Anyway, we got some stuff done on the house. We worked on the sunroom (no pics of it) and got some of the boxes sorted through and stuff put away. A lot of it is china and whatnots waiting for us to get the &^%$ front room and dining room done, so the best I could do with it was to stack it better, and then there’s a lot of it that goes in the bedrooms, which are chaos in themselves for various reasons. But hopefully by next spring that can get emptied out and we can clean out the storage units and get on with things.

Speaking of getting on, in the sunroom I found the fairytale cups that go in the kitchen cubbie:


And I got the the first coat of paint on the dining room doors:


an old pic, but they looked the same


one coat down

And they finished the quarter round in the kitchen:

And they got some stuff done at Dad’s, so all in all we had a pretty good weekend.

And now I have to lace hubby’s boots and hit the hay myself. This week I have to get stuff prepared for the Birthday Bash on Facebook, and then I am going to start editing the Patrick book, whose title is still up in the air. hopefully I pick one soon. Any sggestions are welcome 😉

Have a fireworks kinda day!

Jo 🙂

PS – here I am with my blue hair 😉



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