Not blue as in the feeling, but blue as in the color. The painters came back today and the front of the house is now blue!


It doesn’t really look blue in that picture, but I promise it is. They also got the side painted, though the only pics I took of it was when it was just the primer:

But even just [rimer is an improvement. I can’t wait until next year when we get to have the trim painted 🙂 I need to find out how much they’ll charge for it. It’s too bad Jarod can’t do ladders anymore because I hear he’s a whiz with a paint brush, and I’d rather money goes to family, but I don’t blame him. If I any of us ladders we wouldn’t need to pay someone.

Mom had her rehab today, so it was me and dad for lunch. That means I don’t get my shake because he usually nips down to the grocery store and buys something before I get to it. Today e went to the cafe instead. I was tempted to skip it – all the extra calories, and the time it takes (especially when I have so much to get done) but hey, the man is 78. One of these days I’ll be wishing I could pile on the extra calories to go eat lunch with him.

Anyway, the cafe has new menus:


Pretty snazzy, huh? Anytime I take a photo anywhere now, google maps wants me to add it to their database, including this one. It’s kind of fun, so I do it sometimes. In fact I took these just to add to it:

We also bleached my hair again tonight. it’s STILL not pale blonde, but it;s getting a funky texture so this is the best it’s going to get. I don’t want to fry it. We’ll put the color in tomorrow and see how it looks.

Other than that, I have edited today. I took out about 1500 words by deleting extra suddenlies, justs, nows, seems, somehows, thats, hads, and so on. However I can only concentrate on murdering one word at a time, so for each word on my “get rid of” list I have to use find and comb the whole thing over and over. I’ve read the end six times today. Boo!

And that’s really all I’ve got. So, have a blue paint kinda day!

Jo 🙂



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