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Thankfulness #6:Maegan

Yesterday was the expo and I was thankful that Maegan Provan came because we had a blast.

The expo was at the Blank Park Zoo conference center, which was a nice room.

The room overlooked a rainforest of sorts:

Our table looked awesome!

Sadly Createspace screwed up and Maegan did not get her books 😦  Though I had mine, I only sold eight, one to a fellow author, and three to two attendants, and then four to Maegan, ha ha! To be honest, most of the attendees were children, soooo…. yeah. 

I did get some awesome swag!

And we got to see the baby black rhino, though I don’t have any cellphone pics of it.

In short, I had fun. Would I have had fun if Maegan hadn’t come? Probably not. 

Anyway, I gotta pack, so have a baby rhino kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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