Thankfulness #9: Voting

Today I am grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom to vote any way we wish, even to not vote, without fear of being jailed , killed , or punished. 

However I am not grateful for all the nastiness and negatively online. Just because someone voted for Hilary they are not a “baby murderer “, nor is someone who voted for Trump a “racist”. People are their actual actions, not who they voted for. 

I’ll leave it at that ,  though I could write a tirade. 

And I leave you with a pretty flier and some leaves. 

Have a thankful kinda day.

Jo 🙂



About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at or drop me a line at

3 responses to “Thankfulness #9: Voting”

  1. panda1970 says :

    I agree 100 percent!

  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says :

    Great positive perspective, right there in that corner with ya!

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