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Thankfulness #10: Cornbread

In the aftermath of the election I am shocked at the … ridiculous behavior of people, but I am thankful for cornbread . Mom and the bro made stew and cornbread for dinner, and both were tasty.

As for getting things done, I didn’t get much done. I’m still behind on NaNoWriMo ,  and I’m behind on book covers, and don’t get me started on this house. ugh. 

Anyway, not much to share today. With dinner we watched the episode of Murder Comes to Town that featured the Cynthia Borten murder in Shenandoah 

 I was a kid when it happened. We were actually in  a Right to Life group with her. She was a super nice lady, and it’s a shame what happened to her. Anyway, as to the episode….hhmmm. I’d say at least half of the filler images they try to pass off as Shenandoah are not Shenandoah. The reenactments are hilarious and certainly not filmed in Shenandoah, and frankly they covered very little of the case at all, and I have no idea where a Broad Street Bridge is supposed to be at. The narrator tries very hard to be dramatic ,  and yet manages to completely leave out that to this day people still suspect her son was in on it all. Anyway, it makes me wonder how many of those cold case, and old murder shows are full of crap. 

And now I head to bed. Have a cornbread kind of day!

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