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Thankfulness #11: Friends

Today Facebook was literally waist deep in hate speech. I won’t get into it because passing it on only perpetuates it, but I will say I’ve had enough. I’ve deleted the FB app from my phone and turned the alerts off on the computer unless someone tags me or comments on one of my posts. I plan to keep an eye on Book Born, I Smell Sheep, my street team, and messenger, and that’s it for a few days because otherwise I am going to start getting nasty back. I already did on one post, and that’s when I decided it was time to bow out.

Anyway, today I am grateful for friends because after I posted that I had had enough, several went out of their way to send me something cute or funny, which made me feel better. I admit, I missed social media with the last elections – I barely used Facebook until a couple years ago, so maybe it was like this last time. or maybe people have gone insane.

 And now it’s late so I’m heading to bed. I got about nothing done today, even further behind on NaNoWriMo . .. *sigh* 

Have a friendly kinda day!

Jo 😦 

P. S . Here’s some fun Snapchat pictures.

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