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Thankfulness #12 : Time with Hubby

Today I am grateful for time with hubby. It’s Friday, which is grocery shopping Day, so we headed to Omaha. We spent some quality time pokemoning at the Heartland of America park, which is always a good time.

After that we did a few rounds in the old market to hit pokestops and ran into a little bunch of screaming protesters . 

I’m all for protesters , but these people lost me by screaming “Trump is not my president “. Ummmm…. no, he’s not. Obama is our president .  Trump is the president elect. Maybe if they spent some time in government class instead of skipping classes to grieve because their candidate did not win…

I’m not a Trump supporter ,  by the way, just for the record, but the ignorance displayed here is staggering . I get that they’re trying to be catchy, and maybe I’m hung up on semantics ,  but come on. The media made such a deal about how educated these people are supposed to be, so represent, huh? Show us how educated you are. 

Moving on. We hit ihop for dinner and I tried the apple pancakes.

After that it was Walmart to do the actual shopping where I saw the cutest minion pajama shirt.

And the bank was decorated up in the most awesome space theme. even the cupboard is done like ground control panels.

And last but not least, I finally tried the new m& ms and….

They were good. a lot less sweet than the regular peanut m& ms, so they were closer to what they tasted like when I was a kid. I’ve noticed that candy keeps getting sweeter and sweeter until, tRuth be told, I don’t even like most of it.

 Anyway, that was my exciting day. How was yours?

 And now I need to sleep. Have a day in the park knowing how government functions kinda day.

Jo 🙂

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