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Thankfulness #13: Writing Direction

Today I am grateful for finding a direction. I got a 1,000 or so words in on NaNoWriMo ,  which leaves me waaaay behind, but I finally figured out where the characters are headed short term, which should get me another 5,000 words or so before I’m stuck again.

I also, while coming back from Clarinda on a run for potatoes ,  had some ideas for the future trilogy. Though it will be a couple years before I write it, I need to set some of it up in this book. 

Didn’t do much else. Hit the Stanton pokemon gym, took it:

Caught a Lickitongue :

Ran around a little on hubby’s Fallout Four game:

(I’m standing on  the roof and the dog is floating in the air)

And did normal boring crap like cook. All in all not exciting . 

Have a more interesting day than me!

Jo πŸ™‚


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