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Thankfulness #16: Wikipedia

Today I am grateful for wikipedia that allowed me to hunt down the song from the Chase commercial that has been driving me crazy, and then from there to buy it from Amazon for $.99. What song is it? This one:

I also enjoyed Jonathan’s live videos in Book Born for Turtle Tuesday – and speaking of turtle Tuesday, did I mention we’re selling hoodies? I didn’t think so, but we are. We won;t be making any profit off of them – they’re 25$ each and all the money goes to buying the hoodie and then to S&H, but that’s okay because we just want to spread Terrible Turtle love.


As I mentioned, they are 25$ a piece, sizes S-3XL, and they are HIGHLY collectible as this will be the only run of them – ever. They will never exist again. That has to make you anxious for one. And of you have no idea what it’s “adveritising”, check out the webcomic at

So how do you get a hoodie? Send 25$ via paypal to along with a note telling us the size(s) and a mailing address to ship the hoodie(s) to. Or you can message me or Jonathan on facebook.  Simple, huh?

I am also grateful today that Mom and Chris’ collector versions of Patrick came in.


Though I dislike the hand drawn covers, this one is not too bad. The dislike I mentioned is why *I* don’t have copies of the collector’s versions, even though they are my  books. I suppose someday I may break down and get them…

And now, what I am NOT grateful for. Yesterday I was grateful for those crunchy leaf stacks? Well, today they turned those trails of leaves into huge piles on the corners:


And then they brought in front loaders and a dump truck and STOLE THEM!!



Yes! They stole all the leaves that I crunch through when I walk the dog, or when I go pokemoning or… you get the idea. Now when I walk through the street there is no pleasing happy crunch. There is nothing because they stole my leaves to “burn” – I overheard them talking. Boo, I say! Boo!

And so I end this on a positive note, I did get some writing done today. I am up to over 18,000 words now. Still behind, but that went a long way towards catching up. Oh, and remember those covers I shared yesterday? The two on the end with the blue glowy letters got approved. The jury is out on the first, and dude did not like the one with the purple letters – at all. *sigh* So back to the drawing board on it – and it was the one that took the longest because there is all that space to fill up! I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

And now I am outta here to go to bed. I already stayed up too late searching through free video stock sites for clips to make an Amaranthine series trailer from…

Have a “they didn’t steal MY leaves” kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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