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Thankfulness #19: Website Done-ness

Today I am grateful for two website items. First, I’m grateful for all the hard work hubby has done on my website at, which is now 100% mobile and tablet friendly:


Browser version


Mobile version

Seriously, go check it out! (I’m going to do an author giveaway via my author blog and facebook to celebrate in the next few days, so look for that, too!)

My other website thankfulness is to Book Born for letting me play with their blog:


I rather enjoyed making all the graphics and all the organizational stuff – maybe I am weird, but that stuff is more fun than the actual blogging is. If You want to go check it out – and you should – you can do that here, .

That’s pretty much what I spent my day doing, though I did get to wear my hedgehog kigurami and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while it sort of snowed (it didn’t stick, but I saw it coming down), and I also made the plans for our Christmas tree – we’re doing an old fashioned (or “green”) christmas this year. I’m going to dry orange slices, and make some “gingerbread” cookies (they’re not really cookies, but made with glue, but they look like cookies), as well as glittering some pinecones, and making some paper snowflakes. We bought fake popcorn and berry garland, as well (sorry, old fashioned or not I don’t have to time to really string that stuff!), and if I can find some red paper I have some cute santas out of toilet paper rolls that look fun. Anyway, I think it’s going to be pretty cool. next year we’re going to go for a British Christmas, plum pudding and all. Hopefully.

And now it’s bed time, so I leave you with a pic of me buried under two cats and a dog. Shows how well they can get along when they want to suck my heat:


Have a cocoa kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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