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Thankfulness #20: Dr. Strange


Yesterday I was grateful for getting to go see Dr. Strange. I didn’t think we would get to go, but things cost less than I anticipated, and the Shenandoah movie theater is so friggin’ cheap (seriously, the tickets for TWO adults were only 14$). Anyway, the movie was very good – normally about halfway through a movie I start to notice the time; I need to pee, I’m thirsty, it feels like it’s kind of dragging. As this one was ending I said “wow, that was short.” I then looked at my watch and saw it had been almost two hours so yeah, not short at all, but ti moved along so well that I didn’t notice. That’s a rare occurrence.

Other than that I did some computer stuff and hung out with Mel and family, which is always fun.

Gotta jet, but wanted to do my blog for the day, LOL!

Have a cheap movies kinda day!

Jo 😉

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