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Thankfulness #22: Game Time

Today I was grateful for getting to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 with hubby for awhile. We finished Lake Bresha (the second area) and are ready to head to the third. So far this has been a lot of fun. It feels a lot more RP game than XIII did. There are more people to talk to, more side missions, more chocobos, and a moogle. That right there makes it a winner.

Past that I got the short story Road to Darkness formatted and made a cover for it:

rtd small.jpg

I’d actually like to redo all the series covers to match this format BUT I think people would have a fit. They already refuse to commit to the “new” style covers over the hand drawn ones. imagine throwing a third cover out there. Hee-hee! Chaos!

Anyway, the short story is free – it goes with the new Patrick book brothers of darkness (though you can read it without reading Patrick), and was in the Blood Moon anthology. I;d call this one straight up horror.

While I am on Amaranthine news, I got some more entries today, including one who bought the brothers of darkness and so earned the six points. Boom! Happy dance time.

The brother and dad are gone overnight, so I had planned to really catch up on NaNoWriMo. Instead, because game time ran long, I finished formatting and doing the cover, and then Mom was in a chatty mood, so she caught me and… well, I did something like 2,000 words. Yeouch.

I did take a moment while things were slowly saving (the laptop needs restarted as everything is lagging badly) and took a look at my stats from other years of participating. there’s no data saved for the first time (2005), but the others…







I think the plateaus show that i am pretty NOT constant about writing every day. Is it any wonder that this year’s looks like this:



I know it looks bleak, but I WILL catch up. i am not going to have a year that does not have that little winner badge on it, even if I have to skip sleep for the last week of the month. That’s the kind of competitive b**** I am.

In the meantime, I need to go to bed so i can get up and crack at this again tomorrow. I am going to dig my headphones up so I can write, even if dad is watching TV. That should help.

Have a moogle kinda day, Kupo!

Jo πŸ™‚


A moogle, for the uninitiated.Β 



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