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Thankfulness #25: Thanksgiving

Today I was grateful for Thanksgiving with family. As I mentioned last night, ti was at my aunt and uncle’s house down the street, so not far to go (only half a block), so traveling was pretty easy. We had a nice time visiting with everyone, though I was too busy doing that to take very many photos (crazy, right??) So you only get three:

Incidentally, the orange in the first pic is the same orange we’re going to paint our living room.

We stayed there until into the evening, when we came home and hubby and I spent some quality time with the dog/wizard, who was channeling his human side today:


sitting up in the middle like a hoo-man

I say he is a wizard because we have a running gag that he is really an animagus (ala Harry Potter) who is in hiding, and that the reason he chews his paw/leg is because he is trying to chew off his dark mark, lest he get discovered. We say that when no one is home he turns into a pot bellied, gray haired, wizard and sits around the house naked (I never bought into the whole clothes transforming with the thing) and that is how food disappears, items go missing, and things gets moved around. Who knows, it might even be true.

And now, after catching up to 30,000 words on NaNoWriMo (I am only 11,600 behind now!) I must head for bed. Tomorrow we have Thanksgiving II with friends, hopefully the menfolk will go chop down the Christmas tree, and I hope to get some more words in.

Have a turkey and stuffing kind of day!

Jo 🙂

PS I leave you with Shelob, who is not an animagus, but rather an immortal being, as old as time itself, who sucks our life energy to stay alive. Yeah, we have interesting pets.


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