Thankfulness #27: Fruition 

Today I am thankful that my berry beads turned out well. I wanted strings of fake berries for the tree but they’re about 20$ a strand, so…anyway, I bought metallic bead strands (2$ at Walmart) to make my own. The other day I spray painted them with satin red to get rid of most of the metallic shine. Tonight ,  the bro and I did the color variations to make them look more real:

I’m happy with them, despite a certain someone saying it was a “stupid” idea. 

Other than that we did the shopping. We left so late the sun was going down :

And since it was dark when we got to Omaha, no pokemoning .  I’m not comfortable walking in parks along the river after dark. I did do some in Walmart, though.

I’ve been catching pidgies ,  not just for the double XP and stardust, but also in hopes of getting a ditto. No luck yet.

And now it’s bedtime so we can decorate tomorrow . 

Have a sunset kinda day!

Jo 🙂

PS. that denture repair broke on Thanksgiving so can’t give the stuff high marks for durability ,  especially since I drank no hot drinks, and ate nothing crunchy. 


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One response to “Thankfulness #27: Fruition ”

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says :

    Beautiful pictures!

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