Thankfulness #31: Google

Yesterday I was pretty blah.I finished NaNoWriMo, but in doing so I’ve hurt my neck, and I think I’ve come down with Jonathan’s superflu, so…I didn’t do much. I did manage to get Habi Makeover done – the theme was decorating:


Quickness decorates his first apartment while wearing his hamster kigurami/jammies


Clucky helps decorate the office

Which brings me to what I am thankful for. Now this may seem odd, but I am thankful to Google for closing Superpoke Pets when it did. Why? Because we were the FIRST big money game to shut down. We got lots of press, and to try to appease people, they made a very cool SPP Lite program that let us export and save all of our habitats. Using this program, Neil managed to engineer and editing program called HabiMakeOver, and created a community around it, so we can continue to decorate our pets habitats literally forever.

Other games have since ended- games people had big money invested in – like Sims Social, Pet City, on and on,and the players of those games got nothing. No downloads, no cool programs, no way to keep going after the developers quit on it. So, if SuperPoke Pets hadn;t been the first, we wouldn’t have gotten any of that either. And that’s why. though it was horrible at the time, I am grateful to Google for closing it when they did so that we could get to keep playing forever.

If you don’t know what HabiMakeover is, you can check out all the details here, and join the community here.You no longer need to install any items- they are all stored online now – you just need to install the program. Heck, you technically don’t even need to join the community, but you should!

Still not convinced? Here are some more of Clucky’s great habitats! Click the thumbnails to make them bigger!

I think I’ll post some more tomorrow – won’t that be fun? Also, I did say that I wanted  NaBloPoMo Badge? Well Green Embers made one!


How cool is that?

Have a tiny pepper badge kinda day!

Jo 🙂



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2 responses to “Thankfulness #31: Google”

  1. Green Embers says :

    Oh that Pet Community Thing looks cool! (I am terrible with names, lol)

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