Thankfulness #44: Facebook Live

Yesterday my best friend got officially engaged, and thanks to Facebook Live we got to see it happen, even though he proposed to her in Council Bluffs and I was sitting in my jammies in Villisca.

I’m also grateful that she has finally found someone who makes her and the girls happy. I think they’re a great couple – they treat each other as equals and seem to totally balance one another out, which is how this is supposed to work. I’m super excited for the wedding!

In other news around here we’ve switched vets for the cat who has the seizures. Her prescription was up and she needed tests run, which the vet we were using admitted could not be done for days, however they would not give her a couple of pills to get her through those days, even though they warned us at one point that if she had a sustained seizure she could end up with brain damage. This is their third strike. (the first being that the vet actually booted our fifteen year old arthritic chihuahua in the butt because he pooped on her “hard to clean mat”) They really don’t care about the well being of the animals at all, and are far more concerned with making sure they get paid.  Anyway, so we took her to the vet in Shenandoah this time (which was the same vet clinic we went to when I was a kid here – the vet himself has changed, of course), and they did the same tests (for literally HALF the price) and were surprised to find that the cat does not have just a seizure disorder, but rather a thyroid problem (her number was 10 when it is supposed to be a max of 4) that has probably been causing the seizures for the last TWO years, as well as driving her blood pressure up to insane heights that has caused her brain to bleed and even her eyes to hemorrhage (from the damage he said it has been this way for quite some time – meaning that other vet should have caught ALL of this!) He said if the phenobarbital stopped her seizures (which it did) it was just a coincidence. This makes me really furious because as I said, the other vet charged twice as much and – what? didn’t even look in her eyes? For crying out loud. There just isn’t words.



In writing news, I am working on my Vampire Christmas story that just keeps going. It’s an attempt at replicated a Hallmark Christmas movie, but with vampires. It’s a lot of fun, for me at least. Then I need to finish my Ol’ man Wickleberry and the Zombie Bunnie, and try to get back to book 9. Yeesh.

Nothing new to report on the house *sigh* And it’s too cold to pokemon, so I am out of here for now.

Have an engagement video kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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One response to “Thankfulness #44: Facebook Live”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    SOOOO sorry about your fur-baby!!! Hope she feels better under new care.

    Christmas story sounds like a lot of fun!!!

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