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Thankfulness #74: Unfollow

Confession #1: I have almost 1,000 friends on Facebook. That doesn’t count people I follow, but people who I have friended or have friended me. Some of these are people I actually know (whether I knew them before I added them, or have come to know them since.) but a lot of them are people I don’t know – authors added through events, people added for games, on and on. I’ll add anyone. I even have some of those spam guys who just add you so they can send you messages. I ignore the messages and move on, because I’m too lazy to go unfriend them, and besides, sometimes they post something funny.

But it’s this very liberal friend adding policy that has created a monster. Because I don;t even know a portion of the people whose posts I’m seeing, I’m getting some crazy stuff. People posting articles (both left and right propaganda – I want to make it clear that crazy goes BOTH ways) that are insanely, obviously not true – though from the comments, apparently no one bothers to fact check. They post rants calling people names that even *I* won’t repeat (so you know it’s pretty bad). In fact I can sum my stream up pretty easily: piles of misinformation, panicked insanity, and lots and lots of hate with the occasional sad kitten.

So I abandoned Facebook. I said “I’ll check to groups – that I have direct links to – and that’s it. I will not visit the homepage. I will not be sucked in.” That means I’m missing posts from those real, sane people I mentioned are in there somewhere. In some cases, some pretty fun posts.

Then, last night it occurred to me that just because people on Facebook have gone f’n crazy, I don’t have to abandon the sane ones. I don’t even have to unfriend any of the nearly 1,000 people – I can just use the magic unfollow button.

And I did. I went unfollow crazy. Your stream is 90% political stuff, most of which is NOT fact checked? Bye. You abuse others in your posts? Bye. You call ANYONE the C-word because they don’t agree with you? Unfollow. Make rude generalizations about “all” conservatives/liberals/communists? Toodles. Tell me that in order to be a woman I need to think just like you do? Ta-ta. Click, click, click. I kept waiting for Facebook to tell me I was unfollowing too many people because once I started it was hard to stop.

And now…now my stream is lovely. It’s full of the things I want to see. Sure, there are some political posts and news articles, but they are from balanced, thoughtful people who do their homework before posting. No panicked hysteria. Are there debate posts? Yes, but they are from people who don’t need to call someone a “racist” or a “butthurt baby” because they don’t agree. Most of all there are the posts I am on Facebook to see, things like what people are doing, what they had for lunch, and what their cat is doing.

As for the news? I am going to continue to get it from the sources I have been getting it from all along, such as the actual news, actual news websites, etc. And even then, I am going to take it with a grain of salt and check out what the opposing side says because, hey, news is just social media with fewer posters.

Have an unfollow kinda night!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #73: Easy Returns

Today I am grateful for Amazon’s easy return policy. I ordered a book for the book drive that, though used, was listed in like new condition, however when it arrived it had crayon markings in it. Luckily Amazon makes it easy to return it and order a new one. (Sadly since I had the book shipped straight to the drive coordinator she has to drop it in the mail, which aggravates me that she has to go to the extra work.)

In other news, tonight was Royal Rumble, which had some surprises in it – like the overall Rumble winner for instance. I had pegged Goldberg as a shoe in. I was also surprised they let Nia win over Baley in the pre-show, though it’s the way it should have gone. In all it was a good show. I knew Roman couldn’t beat KO because if he did, why fight in the Rumble? He’d be wrestling himself at Wrestlemania had he won both. But Strowman was a surprise interference – we’d actually bet on Triple H showing up. I was surprised he didn’t, and that Rollins was really not there. I assumed he’d show up, banned or not.

Not much else. Did very little writing, and now have to go put the finishing touches on the Wickleberry anthology. Did have a tasty thing fro dinner – Cheesy Diamond Burgers, or something like that:

Got the recipe from:

Also, Smashwords paid me the other day. I spent it on some quality, important things, like:

Oh, and:


Which was not too bad, by the way. I just tasted it and gave the rest to the bro since I am avoiding soda.

And finally:


Only the best grapes ever!

Okay, gotta go.

Have an easy return kinda day!

Jo 😉


Thankfulness #72:

I slept in today, and it was nice. In fact a whole day in bed wouldn’t have been amiss, but alas I didn’t go that far. I did get a cover squared away, did some work on another, got my newsletter done, and added a new slide to my slideshow on my website that advertises the Vampy Valentine Party coming up. (Next Friday I have to go buy prizes for it).

I think it came out pretty good. Maegan has very awesomely set up the event and made the very cool banner for the page – so go check that out and hey, feel free to click the going button while you’re there!

Which brings me to my Thankfulness – today I am thankful to Maegan for setting up said party and co-hosting with me. (Okay, and for thinking of it in the first place. Shhhhh.) it is going to be a lot of fun!

And now I need to go listen to two songs on repeat and write what should be a sad scene if it works out.

Have a Party kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #71: Reliability

Today’s thankful post should have been yesterday’s, but like the scatter brain I am, I did not even notice it yesterday, with just makes it even more important.

Today I am thankful for reliable people. Or one reliable person in particular.

I know, these are supposed to be one time events, and this is a weekly occurrence, but I think it’s okay if I only use it the one time. Anyway, I’m grateful to the awesome Tonia who week after week posts the Writer Wednesday in the Street Team – even on weeks when I forget it is Wednesday. Knowing that she does this – and will do this – takes a load off my mind, and helps out a lot. I can’t say how much I appreciate it!

In other news I figured out my battle scene and have been working on it pretty good – of course – because it’s Thursday so instead of writing I need to do the Turtles. That’s the way it always goes. I can only write when I am not supposed to.


Now I go off to do just that. Cross your fingers for me – I went through and followed complete removal instructions for my wacom graphic tablet (per a forum post) and then reinstalled, hoping that this will fix the problem of having to reinstall it every time I want to use it. I have done this before, but had not deleted the tablet.dat file, as none of the other instructions included that, so hopefully that will make the difference. If not I’ll be back later with a lot of obscenities.

Have a reliable kind of day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #70: Seeing

I don’t remember when it was I made the transition from blind, squinting person, to person with glasses, but it’s been a few months, anyway. I’ve gotten used to having to remember them, to having them on, and to my hair getting caught in the hinges. One thing I am not used to is trying to see through a film of eye drops, grease, and general smuck. (A bit like so:)


Most of the glasses wearing people I know go days or weeks without cleaning their glasses. I go crazy after a day. I invested in some cleaning solution and shammy cloths, but of course the cloths have disappeared, so I’ve resorted to those cheap boxes of eyeglass wipes. They work great, but the trouble is they run out at the most inconvenient times.

You can tell where this is going. I was out of wipes. But then hubby, my hero, my knight in shining…well…gritty armor, brought me some new ones. At last! I can wipe! I can clean! And I can see!

Holy crap, this house is a mess! On second thought, maybe I should have kept them dirty.

Have a clean glasses kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #69: Endings

Today I am thankful for the end of the dragon race. I play Dragon City, and for the last ten days – maybe longer, or maybe it just feels like it – there’s been a “epic race”. These work by pairing up players in groups of eight. To race, you complete laps by finishing “nodes” (like lap one, node one, node two, node three, etc.) to finish those nodes, you have to do certain actions a number of times, like feeding dragons, or growing food, or hatching dragon eggs…anyway, the prize of the epic races are High dragons – the difference between a regular and high dragon is 20,000 hitpoints or more, even at the same levels. zso getting those high dragons is important if you want to beat the league battles (because you just can’t beat someone else’s three high dragons with common dragons) and if you want o beat certain people on your friend’s list who are at like level 50-something. 9I love ya,Candice, but I am looking at you!).

Usually in these races most of the players don’t play and so long as you can qualify you got it – but not this time. Oh no! I was pitted against a girl from Norway who wanted that dragon, and though I lapped her early on, she refused to be broken. SO, instead of getting to participate for a few days and kind of chill, I’ve had to stay on top of it. I am happy to say that it ended this morning and I came in first, so the high dragon is mine (Just wait Candice, the day will come, Gwahahahaha!) and I can now quit having to hatch hundreds of dragons in my dragon mill just to complete nodes.

In other news, worked on some book covers today, including the one for the anthology:


And now I have some writing to do, so i shall see you later.

Have an Epic Race kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #68:No Drama

Today was a bleh day as far as getting things done. I worked on the book – I am at the end of Chapter 11, and at 60,000 words – but no one else in the house did very much. (Sorry, hubby, but it’s the truth.)

Anyway, I’m thankful for a drama-less day brought to you by deleting the Facebook app. wOOt! I did miss a live stream, though, because I turned all my notifications off, but I caught it later, and I made it to another one (I know, it was all Live Stream today) and still managed to stay completely away from the stream. Go me.

I’m also grateful for finally getting some coffee beans to grind in my birthday present grinder. It works well.

I have no photos to share, so here’s a random piece from the book:

They fell into silence, and Brandle ensured it would stay that way by turning the radio on. Though Des shot him an aggravated look, Katelina was grateful. She had enough to worry about without Des judging her. Hopefully Verchiel was right. Hopefully her mom and Brad had been somewhere safe – a concert in Columbus, maybe – anywhere but home.

Katelina settled into the seat and tried to relax, but it was impossible, and by the time they got into familiar territory she was ready to burst. She watched trees she’d known since childhood slip past, mingled with houses and barns that had once been better maintained. Finally the edge of town came into view, and she leaned forward, eyes wide. Red and blue lights flashed like fireflies all over the town. Smoke curled heavy and black into the sky, and a road block turned people away before they could even reach the Welcome sign.

Des rolled the vehicle to a stop and a uniformed officer came around to the driver’s side.

“Sorry, no one’s allowed through.”

Have a Live Stream kinda day!

Jo 🙂

P.S. same song still driving me crazy. 

Buh-Bye Facebook…For Now

Yep. It’s that time again when I delete the FB app and stay away for a few days. I have work to do and am spending too much time actually researching the truth behind stuff and in some cases even posting corrections to people’s click-bait-hysteria-inducing posts, and I need to stop and just let them panic themselves into an ulcer and forget it. That seems to be what a portion of the population wants, so have fun, and while they’re posting hysterical, obscenity filled rants about some headline whose article does not even match, I’ll be off in my own world, where I look up before I say the sky is falling.

Thankfulness #67: Getting Out


Today I was thankful for getting out of the house a bit. We went to Shen, dropped by Mel’s, did some pokemoning, took all their gyms, and then came home where things got really exciting:


Ha ha!

The song by Cinema Bizarre is driving me nuts still. Day 2. What song? Let me share!

I had planned to get something from dressliliy when I get paid for my next cover, but now I think I will have to buy CDs instead (They’re imports so Amazon only has them as CDs). *sigh* I don’t know where I would wear a cape dress anyway (though it is super cool...)

Back to writing!

Have a out of the house kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #66: Healing

Today I am thankful that a friend of mine who has been going through a tough time is feeling better. It broke my heart to see her so sad and know there was no way to make her feel better, so yay!

In other news I worked on the book. I am almost caught up to where I was before I had to redo stuff, so after that it’s new territory. Fun times.

Have a healing kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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