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Thankfulness #50: Officialness

So it is now official – I get to be the matron of honor at my best friend’s wedding!

*cue the squee*

I am blaming her for the squee. You see, I have never, ever, not once in my life squeed for a wedding. Hell, I’m not sure I squeed about mine. (Okay. I probably did. But it was sooooo long ago I don’t remember much except all the putting it together and the terror as the music started. Oh. And the cold. The bone chilling cold. Because we got married over the Skunk River, in late October, on the coldest night in an eight week span. Go us.)

Anyway, you know those Hallmark channel movies where the female lead’s best friend gets married and the female lead is all excited and giggly and bouncing around? I’ve spent 30 years making fun of those (That means I started when I was seven. It’s believable.) I’ve chortled, rolled my eyes, and said, “Right. Like anyone gets that excited about someone else’s wedding?”

Yeah, so now I am in a Hallmark movie. Except I don’t think an old flame is going to reappear to sweep me off my feet because I’m already married and as off my feet as I’m going to get. But, the squeeing has happened, so maybe I shouldn’t rule anything out? (Kidding. Kidding. I kid. I can’t think of any old flames who could sweep me off my feet.)

Anyway, I am super excited, and not just for the wedding, but I am excited that the bride and groom have found each other. They are so sugary sweet together that I’m afraid of getting cavities, and my cynical side chokes a little bit, but my Hallmark side giggles because it is adorable. See? I just called another couple adorable! My God! I think I need to check into the hospital ASAP!

But let me google bridesmaid dresses first.

Have a Hallmark kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Wine to squee to


Thankfulness #48 & #49: Movies & a New Year

This should have posted last night but it didn’t upload, soooo….here it is now. Yay!


Yeah, I’m going to cheat and put two days in one post coz that’s how I roll. I know, i need to get back in the blogging habit. I mean to, but… anyway. First of all, I am thankful for the new year. not because I thought 2016 was horrible, or even bad, but just because it means I’m still alive. On the topic of 2016, sure, there were some bad things, but mostly people made those bad things themselves. If they refused to get into stupid fights over candidates, then there wouldn’t have been any stupid fights. It takes people to DO the things, and if no one does them… well,then it’s like the cleaning around here. The house won;t clean itself, the fights won;t start themselves, and so if no one does it, it doesn;t happen. Pure and simple. Rather than lamenting the terrible year, maybe we should look at ourselves and wonder what we, personally, could have done to make the year better instead of blaming it on the year itself. that’s kind of  like blaming this dirty floor on the floor in stead of blaming the lazy people who won’t sweep it.

Anyway, we spent our New Years glutting on movies, which is the other thing I’m thankful for. What follows are some vague comments from me:

Warcraft: better than I expected.Some of the acting felt a bit B movie, but otherwise interesting. WIsh they had explored the Guardian’s motives a bit more, but it was probably a time issue.

Secret Life of Pets: Cute. Mostly predictable, but that’s what is expected.

Alice Through the Looking Glass: Ok. I dunno, I have never been an Alice fan – she gets on my nerves with all her “But i want to do six impossible things before breakfast” nonsense. Even when I was a kid I kind of agreed with her family and the idea she needed to grow up a bit and stop being so ridiculous. I’m just too down to earth, I guess. As movies go, though, ignoring how annoying Alice is, the movie was good, and the origin of the red queen was unexpected, as was the secret to the Hatter’s family, so there you go.

Kubo and the Two Strings: Gorgeous. I had no idea it was stop motion until there was a little advertisement thing at the beginning showing them working on it and Box Trolls. I always love stop motion, if nothing else just for the medium, but the story to this was good. Hubby and the brother called the big reveal, though I didn’t.

Suicide Squad: Hmm. It wasn’t bad but it felt… cramped. Like they were trying to tell three movies in one. I guess I’d have rather they’d done a Marvel studios and given us movies on a few of the people – like a Harlie & Joker movie for instance – and then put them all together in this would have upped the stakes and made us care more. That said, Will Smith was fantastic. When I first saw he’d been cast for this I thought they were nuts, but nope, he really carried the whole thing. Harlie and Joker could have done more had they had more time to really build their relationship, and most of the others were sadly just washed over because, again, there’s only so much time. But, it’s worth a watch.

And with that I need to get out of here and get the dishes done – or I suppose I could just blame the kitchen for being messy?

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

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