Thankfulness #50: Officialness

So it is now official – I get to be the matron of honor at my best friend’s wedding!

*cue the squee*

I am blaming her for the squee. You see, I have never, ever, not once in my life squeed for a wedding. Hell, I’m not sure I squeed about mine. (Okay. I probably did. But it was sooooo long ago I don’t remember much except all the putting it together and the terror as the music started. Oh. And the cold. The bone chilling cold. Because we got married over the Skunk River, in late October, on the coldest night in an eight week span. Go us.)

Anyway, you know those Hallmark channel movies where the female lead’s best friend gets married and the female lead is all excited and giggly and bouncing around? I’ve spent 30 years making fun of those (That means I started when I was seven. It’s believable.) I’ve chortled, rolled my eyes, and said, “Right. Like anyone gets that excited about someone else’s wedding?”

Yeah, so now I am in a Hallmark movie. Except I don’t think an old flame is going to reappear to sweep me off my feet because I’m already married and as off my feet as I’m going to get. But, the squeeing has happened, so maybe I shouldn’t rule anything out? (Kidding. Kidding. I kid. I can’t think of any old flames who could sweep me off my feet.)

Anyway, I am super excited, and not just for the wedding, but I am excited that the bride and groom have found each other. They are so sugary sweet together that I’m afraid of getting cavities, and my cynical side chokes a little bit, but my Hallmark side giggles because it is adorable. See? I just called another couple adorable! My God! I think I need to check into the hospital ASAP!

But let me google bridesmaid dresses first.

Have a Hallmark kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Wine to squee to



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One response to “Thankfulness #50: Officialness”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    I’m squeeing with you!!!! Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    Also, do NOT be so sure about an ex showing up out of nowhere. I kid you not, I was on Facebook last night, just to make a quick check in because I’m still kind of avoiding the drama over there (and I only want to look at fuzzy otter and kitten posts) when all of a sudden my ex-boyfriend from high school, whom I only dated for like a minute, wants to be chatty with me and asks if he can talk with me on the phone because he needs some advice. So…stupid me thinks what’s the harm? It’s been over 25 years. I’m married. He’s married. His daughter is almost the same age as my son. I’m thinking he wants advice about his teenage daughter, and since he was kind of an a**-hat in high school, and the universe has a quirky sense of humor, it’s biting him in the tush.

    Anyway, if there’s going to be a train wreck, I want a front seat view of the destruction so I call up the a**-hat.

    Three hours later, I’m MORE than reminded WHY a**-hat and I were NEVER meant to be. Hubby’s like, you need to write last night’s conversation down because…D*mn! What an idiot!!! It turns out that a**-hat has divorced his wife of almost 20 years for a “hotter” woman and wants to know what I think because his oldest daughter isn’t happy about the situation, and the ink is barely dry on his divorce papers, and the new chicky wants to know when she’s getting HER ring. New chicky is a fixer-upper, has 4 kids and a grandbaby, is actually OLDER than his wife, has health problems, financial problems, and mental problems, but a**-hat assures me that the new chicky is VERY HOT and loves him so he thinks she’s a keeper.

    So here I am, on the phone, for THREE hours, listening to ALL the MANY mistakes he’s made (arrests, license suspended in 3 states, a very bad decision involving a prostitute, and MANY more moments of idiocy) leading up to his midlife insanity all I’m thinking is…and we used to be…friends? Really??? Huh.

    On the flip-side, before this late night phone disaster, Hubby, kiddo, and I snuck in a game of laser tag and go carts before I slunked off to work because the kiddo is on winter break and that’s how WE roll at yonder Hoffman Haus. So really, this was one of those “It’s a Wonderful Life” kind of moments and now I just want to hug the stuffing out of my family and tell all sixteen-year-old girls to hide in a library and avoid stupid boys until they’re at least twenty-five. PFFFFTTT!!!!

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