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Thankfulness #51 & #52: The Brother and The Book (sort of)

I missed my deadline for posting without missing a day – again – so you get another combo post. Lucky you.

On the 3rd I was grateful for my brother, seeing as it was his birthday. I am actually grateful for him all of the time, so I suppose since it is supposed to be something specific I will be grateful for getting to celebrate his birthday. We had a German cake we got from Aldis as his birthday cake, with tea:

And then we went to Mondos in Shen for dinner:


And today – the 4th – I was grateful for my book not being as bad as I remembered. I am in the process of running through what I have already written on Goddess of Night (book 9 in the series) so I can then get on with writing it. Usually after NaNoWriMo I delete the extra stuff at the end (this extra stuff is scenes that I wrote that I then decide I don’t want to use, or chunks of conversation I decide to cut after I write it but, since I DID write it for NaNo, only changed my mind of it’s usefulness, I’ll cut and paste it into a section at the end. If I don;t there’s no way I can make 50,000 words because usually I’ll cut 20,000 of those.) Anyway, so I did that today and there were only 7,000 words that got cut off. Meaning either I didn’t have a lot of mind changes while writing, or else I left a lot of crap in it. I’m on chapter three and so far I have had to add stuff in, so I am hoping it’s the first one. But, so far at least, it isn’t half as boring as I remember it being.

In other news, we got a tiny dusting of snow tonight:


It’s really not worth mentioning, except it’s all we’ve had so far all winter, so…

And since I used my brother as a thankful thing, i thought it would be nice to post a pic of us together, but all I can find are snapchats, so that’s what you get:

And here’s hubby and I for good measure:


Have a spaghetti kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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