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Thankfulness #53 & #54: PAs and Omelettes

Yeah, so I wrote a post on my phone but never uploaded it. I do that. So you get another double post. Lucky ducks. Someday I’ll actually post something interesting. I promise.

Anyway, the day before yesterday something awesome happened. I asked Teresa to be an admin on my Street Team group on Facebook, and not only did she accept, but asked if she could be my PA to get practice at it.

How friggin’ cool is that?

What’s a PA? It’s a personal assistant, and something that a lot of authors have. Sadly, I have never had one because they tend to be expensive. So what does a PA do? As I said, I’ve never had one, so I have had to do some research. I know they do Facebook parties for you sometimes, but I like doing those myself (though maybe I’ll have her do one later just so she can practice it. The more experience she gets the more she can advertise herself to others if she does want to make it into a business.) [I’ve since done some research and just need to fire her off a message] Anyway, this is like one of the super secret author goals met…I’m really not sure I have any left at this point! How friggin’ amazing is that?????

And now I am adding this bit because yesterday I was thankful for the yummy omelette I woke up to, ala hubby. He had to work but got off early, so when he came home he made us all breakfast. How sweet was that? I am lucky to have such a thoughtful hubby who is also a good omelette chef 🙂

And now I need to get back to work on chapter four. Have a surprise omelette kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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