Thankfulness #61:Facebook Nicknames

Okay, so not much has happened today. There was a massive ice storm forecast, but as of midnight we just had a little bit of ice. I’m waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

No one did anything. No work got done; the Christmas decorations did not get taken down to the basement. Hubby played his video game. The brother mostly slept. I did work on my book, but I only did  a little writing. The trouble is I am stuck. Like seriously, hugely stuck, and I can’t figure out how to get unstuck. So, I’m doing what any writer does when they’re stuck, and I’m rewriting. But I have so many weird things that need tied up. Characters need their payoffs, and they need things wrapped up, and so I need to incorporate all of those in there, and in order to do that I am going to have to make a horrible, terrible, outline.

I hate outlines because 1) I find them to be extra useless work (normally) that take time away from writing – I could be writing chapter one instead of outlining it and THEN writing it. 2) Once I have outlined it, the story is already done. there are no exciting AHA moments, no surprises, no creativity, just following a script. Bleh. But this mess is too tangled up, and so in this instance I NEED an outline of sorts. *sigh* SO i sat down, listed out each character, what they were doing, WHY they were doing it, and in what way their payoffs and wrap ups needed to happen. Now I need to just figure out how to get to each place with each one. I started on it by heavily changing the circumstances of a new character, which meant a bunch of rewrites, and I’m moving the last two chapters to a much later date, so… *sigh* but it has to be done.

And now for my gratefulness. Today I am thankful for Facebook nicknames – as odd as that seems. It’s been a crappy day, but getting to play with the facebook messenger improved it, and especially a conversation i am having with fellow Turtles creator Jonathan:


As you can see, I have changed our names to better reflect our true natures. I am good, and he is evil. Only an evil man would write a script where turtles explode, and pigs get turned into sausage. Just sayin’.

And now I leave you – oh, I did redo the book born blog’s graphics, too. But that was actually done last night, so it doesn’t count for today. Still, I think they’re cute.


Have a nickname kinda day!

Jo 😉

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One response to “Thankfulness #61:Facebook Nicknames”

  1. markrhunter says :

    One of the things I love about writers is how diverse we are in the way we get things done. You hate outlines, and I swear by them (although mine are very sloppy): My writer’s block stopped completely when I started doing outlines before beginning the writing. That doesn’t mean the story ends up looking like the outline, but for me having a general guideline works really well.

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