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Thankfulness #64: Resolution

Though some things got resolved today, not a lot happened. I got some writing done (am actually pausing a scene to throw this up), had a tasty tenderloin I did NOT photograph *gasp* and started making plans for retreats and such later in the year and next year. I’d like to lie and say I cleaned the house, but I didn’t. That writing and planning took a lot of time, ha ha!

I vaguely mentioned some drama Β in my blog last night. I think. I might have edited it out. I don’t remember. Anyway, today I’m thankful to say there was a resolution, at least where I’m concerned. I was talking aloud to my mother, lamenting about who would be mad about this, and who would be mad about that, and what to do to keep everyone happy so I didn’t lose any friends (or at least as few as possible) and then it struck me: I am almost 40. This is ridiculous. This – this is high school s***. I’m too damn old to worry about if someone is mad because I am talking to someone else. And they’re all too damn old to be mad because I am talking to someone else. I shouldn’t have to cower and worry, I should stand up on the mountain top with my trumpet and declare, “I am talking to everyone,” and they will either accept it or not.

Of course I didn’t stand on a mountain top. I’m in Iowa, so we don’t even have mountains. And I didn’t have a trumpet because, well, I don’t own one. ButΒ it all went well and everything is back on track, and I feel much better, so yay!

And now back to writing!

Have a getting things done kinda day (since I didn’t)

Jo πŸ™‚

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