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Thankfulness #68:No Drama

Today was a bleh day as far as getting things done. I worked on the book – I am at the end of Chapter 11, and at 60,000 words – but no one else in the house did very much. (Sorry, hubby, but it’s the truth.)

Anyway, I’m thankful for a drama-less day brought to you by deleting the Facebook app. wOOt! I did miss a live stream, though, because I turned all my notifications off, but I caught it later, and I made it to another one (I know, it was all Live Stream today) and still managed to stay completely away from the stream. Go me.

I’m also grateful for finally getting some coffee beans to grind in my birthday present grinder. It works well.

I have no photos to share, so here’s a random piece from the book:

They fell into silence, and Brandle ensured it would stay that way by turning the radio on. Though Des shot him an aggravated look, Katelina was grateful. She had enough to worry about without Des judging her. Hopefully Verchiel was right. Hopefully her mom and Brad had been somewhere safe – a concert in Columbus, maybe – anywhere but home.

Katelina settled into the seat and tried to relax, but it was impossible, and by the time they got into familiar territory she was ready to burst. She watched trees she’d known since childhood slip past, mingled with houses and barns that had once been better maintained. Finally the edge of town came into view, and she leaned forward, eyes wide. Red and blue lights flashed like fireflies all over the town. Smoke curled heavy and black into the sky, and a road block turned people away before they could even reach the Welcome sign.

Des rolled the vehicle to a stop and a uniformed officer came around to the driver’s side.

“Sorry, no one’s allowed through.”

Have a Live Stream kinda day!

Jo 🙂

P.S. same song still driving me crazy. 

Buh-Bye Facebook…For Now

Yep. It’s that time again when I delete the FB app and stay away for a few days. I have work to do and am spending too much time actually researching the truth behind stuff and in some cases even posting corrections to people’s click-bait-hysteria-inducing posts, and I need to stop and just let them panic themselves into an ulcer and forget it. That seems to be what a portion of the population wants, so have fun, and while they’re posting hysterical, obscenity filled rants about some headline whose article does not even match, I’ll be off in my own world, where I look up before I say the sky is falling.

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