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Thankfulness #69: Endings

Today I am thankful for the end of the dragon race. I play Dragon City, and for the last ten days – maybe longer, or maybe it just feels like it – there’s been a “epic race”. These work by pairing up players in groups of eight. To race, you complete laps by finishing “nodes” (like lap one, node one, node two, node three, etc.) to finish those nodes, you have to do certain actions a number of times, like feeding dragons, or growing food, or hatching dragon eggs…anyway, the prize of the epic races are High dragons – the difference between a regular and high dragon is 20,000 hitpoints or more, even at the same levels. zso getting those high dragons is important if you want to beat the league battles (because you just can’t beat someone else’s three high dragons with common dragons) and if you want o beat certain people on your friend’s list who are at like level 50-something. 9I love ya,Candice, but I am looking at you!).

Usually in these races most of the players don’t play and so long as you can qualify you got it – but not this time. Oh no! I was pitted against a girl from Norway who wanted that dragon, and though I lapped her early on, she refused to be broken. SO, instead of getting to participate for a few days and kind of chill, I’ve had to stay on top of it. I am happy to say that it ended this morning and I came in first, so the high dragon is mine (Just wait Candice, the day will come, Gwahahahaha!) and I can now quit having to hatch hundreds of dragons in my dragon mill just to complete nodes.

In other news, worked on some book covers today, including the one for the anthology:


And now I have some writing to do, so i shall see you later.

Have an Epic Race kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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