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Thankfulness #70: Seeing

I don’t remember when it was I made the transition from blind, squinting person, to person with glasses, but it’s been a few months, anyway. I’ve gotten used to having to remember them, to having them on, and to my hair getting caught in the hinges. One thing I am not used to is trying to see through a film of eye drops, grease, and general smuck. (A bit like so:)


Most of the glasses wearing people I know go days or weeks without cleaning their glasses. I go crazy after a day. I invested in some cleaning solution and shammy cloths, but of course the cloths have disappeared, so I’ve resorted to those cheap boxes of eyeglass wipes. They work great, but the trouble is they run out at the most inconvenient times.

You can tell where this is going. I was out of wipes. But then hubby, my hero, my knight in shining…well…gritty armor, brought me some new ones. At last! I can wipe! I can clean! And I can see!

Holy crap, this house is a mess! On second thought, maybe I should have kept them dirty.

Have a clean glasses kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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