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Thankfulness #72:

I slept in today, and it was nice. In fact a whole day in bed wouldn’t have been amiss, but alas I didn’t go that far. I did get a cover squared away, did some work on another, got my newsletter done, and added a new slide to my slideshow on my website that advertises the Vampy Valentine Party coming up. (Next Friday I have to go buy prizes for it).

I think it came out pretty good. Maegan has very awesomely set up the event and made the very cool banner for the page – so go check that out and hey, feel free to click the going button while you’re there!

Which brings me to my Thankfulness – today I am thankful to Maegan for setting up said party and co-hosting with me. (Okay, and for thinking of it in the first place. Shhhhh.) it is going to be a lot of fun!

And now I need to go listen to two songs on repeat and write what should be a sad scene if it works out.

Have a Party kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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