Thankfulness #73: Easy Returns

Today I am grateful for Amazon’s easy return policy. I ordered a book for the book drive that, though used, was listed in like new condition, however when it arrived it had crayon markings in it. Luckily Amazon makes it easy to return it and order a new one. (Sadly since I had the book shipped straight to the drive coordinator she has to drop it in the mail, which aggravates me that she has to go to the extra work.)

In other news, tonight was Royal Rumble, which had some surprises in it – like the overall Rumble winner for instance. I had pegged Goldberg as a shoe in. I was also surprised they let Nia win over Baley in the pre-show, though it’s the way it should have gone. In all it was a good show. I knew Roman couldn’t beat KO because if he did, why fight in the Rumble? He’d be wrestling himself at Wrestlemania had he won both. But Strowman was a surprise interference – we’d actually bet on Triple H showing up. I was surprised he didn’t, and that Rollins was really not there. I assumed he’d show up, banned or not.

Not much else. Did very little writing, and now have to go put the finishing touches on the Wickleberry anthology. Did have a tasty thing fro dinner – Cheesy Diamond Burgers, or something like that:

Got the recipe from:

Also, Smashwords paid me the other day. I spent it on some quality, important things, like:

Oh, and:


Which was not too bad, by the way. I just tasted it and gave the rest to the bro since I am avoiding soda.

And finally:


Only the best grapes ever!

Okay, gotta go.

Have an easy return kinda day!

Jo 😉


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