Thankfulness #78:Time Out

I took some time out tonight, even though I am days behind my writing deadline, and did some drawing (nothing you’re going to see. I don’t think I will even finish it.) but I feel much better now. As I mentioned in the discouraged post, I enjoy writing, but I don’t find it to be any kind of stress release… it’s not soothing or necessary to my mental health. Though I have tried to avoid it, in the end it’s drawing (or sometimes just playing with graphics) that makes me feel better. *sigh* I am forever “the girl who can draw”.

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and the teachers would make you do this self-esteem building exercise (over and over) where people wrote nice things about you? All mine ever said was “you draw good”. Not “you’re smart”, or “You’re fun” or any of the cool things everyone else had. It was just “You can draw”. I hated that because while, sure, I could draw, I wanted to be fun, and smart, and all the other things. i wanted more of an identity than just drawing. Subconsciously that’s probably why I am always fighting to be known for something else, but in the end I always end up going back to it because whether I like it or not, I am “the girl who can draw”.

Not that the thing I was working on tonight looked good, but it was all tablet with no reference image or base, so not bad for that, and I have not used the art media tools in sooooo long that I don’t remember how I used to do it exactly. Ha ha! Oh well.

And now I am going to bed. Have a you can draw kinda day!

Jo 😉

PS some random pics:


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